The Progress in Reporting

Progress in Reporting

Generating reports with relevant information and exact data needed for making business decision is very crucial. It is perhaps the most obvious reason for using computer software for accounting solution. But there is an analytical and reporting tool, an MS Excel (plugin), called the Interactive Analysis Report Designer. It makes use of SAP Business One Semantic Layer as its data source

This tool empowers you to fetch the data you require from your computer database dynamically. This new feature includes some functionality that enables you to retrieve financial period codes and dates dynamically. In addition, it can also filter your data based financial period code as well as on dates from the statistics available in the database.

This tool is made handy in SAP Business One, only in SAP HANA version. However, the time functions were now included in SAP Business One 9.2, SAP HANA PL04.

09. August 2017

Reference: Businessinsider