SAP Business One

Intelligent ERP designed for you

SAP Business One is a complete, integrated suite that can run your whole enterprise with financials, human resources, sales, procurement, customer service, and supply chain. 

SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) designed to improve the functionality and data collection between businesses at all levels. Effectively integrating a business’s operational and financial processes into a single software system helps you manage and coordinate customer relationship management, sales, supply chain, human resources, finance, and analysis.

SAP B1 includes functions that cover the standards and practices of every industry. It enables small businesses as well as large or medium organizations, taking advantage of existing resource management. 

SAP Business One Features

Whatever your business, We've got you covered

Accounting and financial management

Automate and streamline all aspects of your financial department with SAP Business One integrating salesaccounting, and data purchased. Improve your margins and your operations controls while reducing error to drive more profitability.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Capture prospects and leads while maintaining with ease your customer’s relationship in all in one tool with SAP B1 CRM. Facilitate the use of customer’s experience and evaluate the customer’s management. Track your campaign, sales and your marketing activities to maximize your profits

Warehouse and production management

Plan and optimize the manufacturing capacity and material resources (MRP) over multiples warehouses to maintain cost-effective production. Track stock movement, inventory, and delivery with ease.

Project & Resource management

Manage your portfolio via project resource planning (PRP). You can efficiently assign projects based on demand to your team and define each one allocating them tasks. 

Purchasing and procurement

Implement actions to optimize your purchasing process, such as order scheduling, shipping and invoicing. 

Report and analytics

SAP B1 lets you analyze and create smart reports to follow each essential business activity. Use advanced features such as BI (Business intelligence), Powered by AI technologies and an in-memory database to empower your reports. 

Sap business one features recap

SAP Business One Benefits


Optimize your time growing your business, automating your operations, and day-to-day tasks.


Close more deals and contracts by following better your sales and your customer lifetime value.


Organize all your data via an all in one integrated and proven system and prevent errors in improving your process, delays, and costs.


Improve your productivity by implementing faster SAP in your organization and lower your cost in end-users training.

What Can We Do For You

Provide you visibility and control over your essential operations to stay competitive and maximize profits. Now, with the SAP Business One Cloud solution, it’s faster and easier to achieve than ever. In addition, you can get the SAP Business One ERP’s latest functionality without any need to invest in and maintain your servers or IT resources

SAP B1 cloud-based solution is managed and maintained by InduIT so that you can be sure of access to the most up-to-date functionality without having to use your in-house IT resources. In addition, we help keep your data always available, safe, and secure. 

You can access SAP Business One’s full functionality with SAP Business One Cloud for a subscription fee covering implementation, hosting, training, and support.